Marble Bathroom Countertops in Ottawa

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Marble bathroom countertops in Ottawa make a stunning, classy addition to your sanctuary bathroom. Marble is a naturally occurring stone that is a metamorphosed limestone and mainly containing pure calcite. Marble has long been a prized possession by homeowners, dating back to Roman days where homes were decorated with marble flooring and marble columns. Marble, today, has the same kind of appeal that it did centuries ago. It conveys wealth, power, and appreciation for the finer things in life, as well as affluence and status. Not only does it convey these things, but also the appearance of marble is second to none. Simply stated, marble is incredible.
Benefits of Marble
Marble offers many benefits beyond the natural beauty that it is well known for. The first, and possibly most important benefit of marble is how incredibly durable it is, proving itself time and time again on how it can last for decades and even centuries with proper care. Because of the durability and beauty, marble improves the value of any home where it is installed. Few upgrades match the value retention that a natural stone countertop provides. Lastly, marble is hypoallergenic meaning that unlike manmade materials, it is naturally resistant to bacteria, fungus, mold and other allergen build-ups, making it ideal for potentially dirty places.
How to Pick Marble
When selecting a marble bathroom countertop, there a few things you should consider and plan ahead of time before you make any buying decision. The first thing you need to determine is the measurements of your marble. Countertops generally are about an inch thick and the standard overhang is an inch and a half. Secondly, you need to consider the colour you want your marble countertop to be. Third, think about the finish of the countertop. Options can include polished, honed or antiqued. Next, you should consider the sink type that you will have in the bathroom. Finally, think about your budget and plan accordingly.
When considering marble there are a couple considerations to make. Homes with young kids may not be ideal for marble because any spill does need to be cleaned up quickly in order to protect from any damage. Failing to do so could result in a small stain because marble countertops are porous in nature. The best way to handle the porousness of marble is to seal it annually to help keep any liquids from seeping in. Another consideration to make is that it will require a professional installer to put it in, which can sometimes be costly.
If you are considering a marble bathroom countertop in Ottawa, Ontario, you are well on your way to making an incredible decision. Marble countertops offer timeless beauty and class to any room of the house but especially in the bathroom. Not only do they retain their value exceptionally well, but they also can last for decades with proper maintenance. Your options are almost limitless on colours, pattern and finish, ensuring that you can get something you will love. Contact a quality marble dealer today to invest in your next natural stone countertop.